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Secrets of Real Estate app for iPhone and iPad

4.7 ( 1387 ratings )
Business Finance
Developer: David Reid
0.99 USD
Current version: 1.05, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 03 Feb 2011
App size: 225.96 Kb

Secrets of Real Estate could save you thousands of dollars! This concise, no-nonsense guide gives the tips, tricks and pointers from professionals that help you buy or sell real estate. You’ll learn exactly how to deal with Realtors, too.

"My suggestion to anyone buying or selling... is to READ THIS GUIDE!! We have just bought our first home, and with the use of some of these techniques we SAVED a substantial amount of our money"
- Catherine Fitzgibbon

You’re looking to buy a home and naturally, you want to get the most you can for your budget. The realtor you’re working with seems very knowledgeable and competent but you wonder whether or not your interests are his/her number one priority. Perhaps you just don’t know enough about real estate to be able to make truly informed decisions, or to determine if a deal is the best one for you and your family.

What you need is something that speaks to you in terms and language that you can understand and that offers tips and information that you can actually use when buying or selling property.

Secrets of Real Estate is your professional insider to the world of real estate deals. With this one application, you can potentially save thousands of dollars that you wouldn’t have even known about before.

No self-serving realtor will take advantage of you, either. With this guide, you’ll be prepared as you search for or sell property. This little beauty has been developed by realty pros; you are getting the scoop from those who know how this market works, good and bad.

This is not a long, boring textbook. Containing about 40 pages, Secrets of Real Estate is sharp and to the point. You’ll easily be able to reference quickly on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad so it’s at the ready while viewing homes or preparing to discuss a sale with your realtor.

Look at some of the features you get when you download Secrets of Real Estate:
* Easy to use interface
* 40 pages of the most relevant information for buying or selling real estate
* Fast and easy reference in layman’s terms
* Tells you how to find realtors who’ll get you the best deal
* Learn how to reverse-sell a realtor who is more interested in their own profit
* The tiny investment of this app could save you thousands of dollars
* Helps you approach your deals with more confidence and less stress
* Always at the ready on your iDevice

Real estate is likely the biggest investment that you will ever make in your lifetime. Why leave it to chance? Learn some of the important tips, tricks and traps. A little preparation takes you a long way in property trading.

See how investing 99 cents can save you thousands.

Pros and cons of Secrets of Real Estate app for iPhone and iPad

Secrets of Real Estate app good for

You never think of things from another point of view until someone opens your eyes like this !! Im definitely glad I downloaded this and will be using it wisely when I sell my home next time .. wish I had this a long time ago!
Not a lot of Pazazz in this app, but there is DEFINITELY some great content .. from the bad review it looks like theres at least 1 realtor that doesnt want this info out there for everyone to know :) There are things in this world that wont hurt you if you dont know them ... but in this case, what you dont know will likely cost you a few bucks !! For the price, this App is Gold .. I will be keeping this close at hand for our upcoming sale ... Thanks Mik !
Ive sold and bought 2 places now, and Im very glad to have this on hand .. I wish I had it from the beginning !! Very good information, and lots of things to watch out for. We had a good feel for our first realtor (friend of the family) and dealt well with him but with pleasure ... our next realtor however, was rather strong-headed and wanted to take the lazy way out with the negotiations .. wanted to cut corners .. as things are now, we stood our ground and stood up for our own interests and made the realtor work a little harder .. thanks for the savings !!
Now things are much more clear .. we just let the realtor lead the whole process last time, and will be much more careful this time with a lot more input from our side. Glad to hear the fresh point of view that Mik has provided here.
I read through this in an afternoon and think I managed to use some of the ideas when dealing with my realtor. We eventually held out for the right place, and saved about $70k compared to the recent comparisons in the new neighborhood, as we managed to wait for a foreclosure !! Learning this wide variety of viewpoints definitely helped me out .. Good luck to all !!

Some bad moments

I was expecting to find info that would be much more useful. Sparse on content and a lot of whats there is quite poor.
I was a little hesitant about this information, but am pleasantly surprised at how informative it truly is. Short enough not to be boring and to the point enough to make a real difference to your whole approach to the Real Estate industry. Do yourself a favour and read it. You wont regret it. Definitely worth every cent. Highly recommended. Thank you very much!
This app is useful for my needs. Its short and to the point. It predicts well what realtors are saying to me and has quite easily helped me avoid getting caught up in responding to their sales pitch - and let me keep to whats important for us. This is going to help us hold firm when we find the house we want and negotiate a better price. If youre after something to help you decide where to invest or whether to buy a home this doesnt cover that... but I already know I want to buy a house and my locations. What it lacks in "formal textbook" style it makes up for by being easy to understand and apply.